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Welcome to Speelgoedzolder's shop! We sell LEGO sets, minifigures, parts and gear. Our goal is to deliver quality at an affordable price. Take a look around to see if there's anything you need!

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​PLEASE NOTE: Due to small business tax regulation we cannot send 0% tax invoices to other EU businesses.
​We focus on B2C sales only! Businesses are welcome to buy but for ALL EU orders we will calculate 21% VAT without exception.
​If you do not agree with this then please do not buy from our store.

Welkom bij Speelgoedzolder! Wij verkopen LEGO sets, minifiguren, onderdelen en toebehoren. We streven er naar om kwaliteit te leveren tegen een betaalbare prijs. Kijk eens rond in onze shop, wie weet komt u nog iets leuks tegen!

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